Coopercopia LLC Has Added Godin/Seagull Guitars To List Of Co-brand Companies Posted on 22 May 06:50

Coopercopia has been creating branded versions of its products for certain select instrument manufacturers since its inception. The aesthetically pleasing Pro-G Sapele single instrument stand has taken hold as its most popular product. Other popular models include the Ecco-G and the Pro Tandem. A highiy durable and reiiabie companion for the traveling musician, the earth-friendly Ecco-G is made from recycled ABS composite. Its affordable price and practicality make it a big seller. The Pro-Tandem is used by professionals such as Vince Gill and purveyors of fine instruments like Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. Designed and produced by proiessional musicians, Cooperstand instrument stands provide secure support for acoustic,
electric or bass guitar; ukulele; mandolin; and more.

Cooperoopia's list of branded partners includes:

  • Taylor Guitars (Sapele Pro-G, Pro-Tandem, and ABS Composite Ecco-G)
  • Deering Banjo (Sapele Pro-B Banjo Stand)
  • Bedell/Breedlove (Sapele Pro-G and ABS Composite Ecto-G)
  • Kamaka Ukulele (Pro-Mini Sapele Ukulele Stand)
  • Godin/Seagull Guitars (Sapele Pro-G and Pro-Tandem)